About Us

Our Kennels are based in the Westland District of the West Coast of the South Island. We live right next to a major river which provides an ideal playground for the adventurous Finnish Lapphund.

Our dogs live as part of the family on a small rural block of land bordered by the river, sea, and bush clad hills.

I open my Heart and home when it comes to dogs, I’ve had a passion since young.

I take pride in my pack and choose to spend quality time with them as family.

Australian import Finnish Lapphund (Nebula at home), what a delight she is, I look forward to promoting Nebula around the confirmation ring for a few years; then heading off to do some other fun dog sports with her.

Nebula gained her Champion title in 2019.

We have future plans on breeding Finnish Lapphund and are in the process of importing a new Finnish Lapphund puppy girl named: Koru, to help establish the future of Lapphunds in New Zealand at WOLFLINK Kennels.

We look forward to promoting Koru alongside of Nebula in the confirmation ring 2021-2022 onwards.

Both of our Lapphund are DNA/Health Tested with fantastic results, thanks to both of their breeders for a great standard of health testing for the betterment of the breeds future, future litters from WOLFLINK Kennels will continue with great health testing practices.

My name is Nikki, I am formerly Keiko Shibas Akitas Kennels and are very excited to move to a new chapter with the beautiful, and intelligent Finnish Lapphund